Like chargeuses à bois, skid-steer loaders are good machines for transporting materials, digging and moving land. Such machines come with attachments which can be used for various jobs like dragging dirt in order to smooth it out. Thus, if you need to do a big job, renting a skid-steer loader from a reputable equipment rental company is a wise idea.

In case you plan to use the skid-steer loader with a bucket and you lack the experience, you need to know that such machine can be quite dangerous if you don’t take care. If you use the bucket, ensure that you follow some key safety advice so you don’t end up injuring yourself or others. The following are some safety tip that must be followed.

Skid-Steer Loader

Keep Distance if the Bucket is Up

Quality skid-steer loaders can hold its bucket without risking their users. But, things can happen unexpectedly especially if you do not know exactly how to operate the machine. Therefore, if the bucket is up, you have to stay away. This ensures that you will not be hit by the bucket that could cause you a serious injury.

skid-steer loaders

Put On Safety Protection

Even if you are not a professional construction worker, you still have to put on protection. It is imperative to always wear boot s or steel-toe shoes and a hard hat as you work around a skid-steer loader. This protects you in case something falls off of the machine or when the bucket accidentally hits you.  In case you don’t have these gears, just consider renting them from a company from which you rented the skid-steer loader.

Put On Safety Protection

Call It Out

Never assume that all people around you are on guard as you operate the machine, although they must be. Rather, call out and warn everyone in the area of as you bring the bucket up or down or if you haul a dangerous load. With this, you can be sure that everybody is on guard and will be protected from any accident.

The available attachments meant for a skid-steer loader offer solutions for people with tough jobs. Whether you have the job to move dirt, gravel or sand or do general landscaping or grading, remove trash or brush using the grapple bucket, doing demolition-breaking concrete and pavement using a hydraulic breaker or performing general clean up using parking lot sweeper attachment, you can avail of an attachment to help you get the job done.

Call It Out

As the skid-steer loader cannot be maneuvered, it is a good pick for limited access locations. You can choose from a choice of sizes with weight capacities that range from 350 lbs to 3000 lbs. Track models enable you to deal with adverse job site conditions. Whether it is tire damaging debris or soggy wet soil conditions, the track skid will surely keep your job moving.

A skid-steer loader that has a bucket can be quit handy to rent. But, you need to ensure that you and all people around you are safe as you use this piece of equipment.

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